Number 1 AI Tool for Improving Educational Accessibility with Diffit: Expert Insights and Strategies


In my selection of the top five AI tools for educators, Diffit stands out as a remarkable ai differentiation tool. This versatile tool offers unparalleled customization for educators, enabling them to dedicate more attention to their students. Diffit is specifically engineered to support differentiated instruction. It boasts a range of features that enable educators to tailor instructional materials, modify reading passages according to the unique needs of each student, and develop activities that are ready for immediate student engagement. This makes Diffit an invaluable asset for educators aiming to enhance the learning experience through personalized instruction.

Getting started

Diffit is capable of generating resources on a broad spectrum of topics, and its efficacy improves with the specificity of the information provided. For instance, instead of requesting general materials on “history,” one might specify “the causes and effects of the American Civil War, focusing on economic, political, and social factors.” This detailed approach yields more targeted and useful outputs.

Multiple input types

Moreover, Diffit allows for the integration of various media into the creation of educational materials. If there’s an article or video you wish to base your resources on, simply paste the link into Diffit. Similarly, if you have a specific text or excerpt in mind, you can input the text directly or upload it as a PDF.

Regardless of the content type chosen, Diffit offers customization options such as adjusting the reading level and selecting the language of the resources. For illustration, consider utilising a “Crash Course” video on the America Civi War. By selecting this video for an upcoming lesson, you can tailor the educational materials to enhance your students’ understanding of the topic, ensuring the resources are perfectly aligned with their learning needs and the curriculum goals.

After pasting in the URL, I click “Generate Resources,” and in less than a minute I have the following resources created just for me: an adapted reading passage, a summary of the key points in the video, a list of vocabulary words and their definitions, multiple choice and short answer questions about the video, and open-ended prompts. All of these resources are customisable and editable.


Multiple choice questions with answers

Short questions

Extended or open answers

In crafting a comprehensive assessment, educators can strategically modify and adapt questions across multiple choice, short answer, and open-ended formats to cater to a spectrum of learning levels, from basic comprehension to advanced critical thinking. For multiple choice questions, difficulty can be varied by increasing the complexity of the choices offered, incorporating higher-order thinking skills, or by adding distractors that closely resemble the correct answer, thus requiring deeper understanding. Short answer questions can be tailored by adjusting the specificity and scope of the response required, moving from straightforward factual recall to requiring synthesis or analysis of information. Open-ended questions offer the greatest flexibility in scaffolding, starting from simple descriptive tasks to inviting elaborate arguments or evaluations that demand extensive reasoning and evidence. By systematically varying the complexity and type of question, educators can scaffold their assessments to challenge students at different levels of mastery and encourage progressive development of their analytical and critical thinking skills.

While this alone would be enough to make me tell everyone I know about Diffit, this is only the first step.

Once Diffit has created resources, you can take it a step further to create student-ready activities. These activities can be filtered by grade level, subject, and format (print or digital). Below is only a small sample of the options available.

Once you have chosen the activity you wish to use, simply click “Open in Slides” and Diffit will create an interactive slide show, aligned to Common Core Standards, that you can share with your students. This slide show can be opened in Google Slides, shared directly to Google Classroom, or downloaded as a PDF or PPTX.

Here is the file it produced form the video:

Some examples of other styles of activities

There are numerous pre-made activities you can output your content to.

Diffit empowers educators to seamlessly adjust the language and complexity of textual materials to align with any grade level or literacy level, thus directly addressing the unique needs of each student. This adaptability feature is pivotal in ensuring that every student receives instruction that is not only accessible but also challenging at the appropriate level. By enabling modifications to vocabulary, sentence structure, and conceptual depth, Diffit ensures that materials can be simplified for beginners or enriched for advanced learners. This capability fosters an inclusive learning environment where all students can thrive, as educators can customize content to bridge gaps in comprehension and push the boundaries of students’ current understanding. The platform’s intuitive design means that these adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently, ensuring that every student’s needs are met without compromising the quality of education or requiring excessive preparation time from the educator.

Here is example the leveled texts and resources from the same input for a grade 5 group:

Diffit offers an invaluable resource for educators, streamlining the creation of instructional materials that are not only ready-made but also fully adaptable to cater to the diverse needs of students. This innovative platform facilitates swift differentiation by enabling educators to adjust content for various reading levels, tailor vocabulary, and incorporate questions that span a range of cognitive complexity. Such customization ensures that all students have equitable access to the instructional materials, making learning accessible and understandable to every student, regardless of their reading proficiency.

Excitingly, Diffit is currently offering a free trial for educators, presenting an excellent opportunity to explore its capabilities firsthand. Following the trial, educators have the option to subscribe to a paid school license or opt for an individual teacher license at an affordable rate of $14.99 per month, starting in February 2024.

I wholeheartedly endorse Diffit as an essential tool for educators. Whether it’s for differentiation, crafting substitute teacher plans, or designing comprehensive units of study, Diffit stands out as a versatile and powerful ally in the educational process. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it an indispensable resource for enhancing teaching and learning experiences.

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